Friday, June 27, 2008

Can You Really Learn Martial Arts in 12 Lessons?

I get this question quite often about my 12 lesson program. The truth is NO, you won’t be able to learn a martial art in 12 lessons. Martial Arts require years of practice, huge amounts of memorization and thousands of repetitions in multi-step techniques. However, self-defense skills are SIMPLE, EASY TO LEARN and INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE.

Learning a martial art is about self-perfection, building character, and creating positive mental and physical change. Learning real-world self-defense is about surviving an attempted assault which could end up in rape and/or homicide. It is doing what you have to do to make it home to see your family. Self-Defense employs brutal techniques done in a manner that most martial artists are afraid to teach (or don’t know how to teach). Devastatingly effective gross-motor movements are utilized that even a 4 year old can learn. Twelve lessons in an effective self-defense system can provide the based for all of the methods and techniques you will ever need. You can practice on your own from this point, putting together your own training routines, combinations, and self-defense workout schedules. From here, yoiu can continue to teach yourself and STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET.

Even though you can’t learn martial arts in 12 lessons,you CAN learn self-defense

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Joel Lucky's Self-Defense Philosophy

Perfect intention is more important than perfect technique. Joel’s self-defense program differs from others in that it is conceptually based and behaviorally rooted, unlike most martial arts which are purely technique based. The truth is, knowing how to punch, kick, throw, and joint lock an attacker is not the most important aspect of self-defense. Understanding how to use body language and choice speech to either avoid a physical altercation altogether or gain a tactical advantage before an attack begins is more important.

To successfully survive a violent attack, you already have a set of basic weapons and instincts at your disposal. You don’t need to learn complicated martial art sequences. You don’t need to know how to jump, spin, and do flying kicks.

In order for a self-defense system to enhance your chances at surviving a real fight, an attempted rape, mugging, or murder, it is essential for the system to be reality-based.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Self-Defense Reality vs. Martial Arts Fantasy

What is the best method or style for learning self-defense?

Traditional martial arts such as karate, Tae Kwon do, or Kung-Fu? Arts like these are beautiful to watch. The coordination, athleticism, and self-discipline that the traditional martial arts develop in their students carry over into many aspects of life in a very positive manner. It is often said that these arts help one attain self-perfection. FINE. However, what about those of us that are only interested in SELF-PROTECTION? The great Bruce Lee one said "The height of cultivation lies in its simplicity." Those fancy flying kicks you see Jackie Chan doing in the movies isn't going to get the job done in a real life assault by an enraged drug addict, mugger, rapist, etc. The very threat of harm to our physical body will elicit the famous "fight" or "flight" syndrome. This is also know as the adrenal stress stage, and this is the point where fine and complex motor skills perish.
In other words, when attached by the bad guy, you can pretty much say good-bye to using a technique that looks like it belongs in a dance or gymnastics routine. Spinning back kicks to the head, "death touch" pressure points and elaborate pain compliance techniques or locks will not be available to you when you are confronted by real-world violence. Techniques that are easy to learn and simple to execute is what you will have to rely on in a true life and death encounter. These techniques include, but are not limited to:
-palm strike
-ax hand
-elbow strike
-knee strike
-shin kick
What techniques like these have in common is that they are large, gross-motor movements that can reliably be utilized while under adrenal stress. Utilizing self-defense tools like these will not look pretty, but they will prove devestatingly effective to your attacker. Flowery martial arts techniques are fun to look at, but in the real world, they only "pretty" that exists is the "pretty ugly". When deciding on a particular martial art or self-defense system, ask yourself the following- "Do I want to be a "Master of Fantasy" or a "Master of Reality?"